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We provide a revolutionary DATA Acquisition experience to the industries

Why Choose HitOn?

HitOn Industry Solutions is established by investors who are founders of organizations with different focus and industry knowledge that is able to contribute directly to the success of the company's vision. The investors’ organizations include business sectors in I.T, Electrical & Electronic , mechanical Engineering . Each company is an expert in their own field and respected for their adherence to strong values and business ethics.

Hardware Retrofitting

IDAM is easily integrated with existing hardware available by applying a Plug & Play concept

IDAM Module

Once our module is plug in, data will be retrieve accordingly and process by our in house design IoT device which will in turn send data to our cloud server

Mobile Applications

Clients will be able to retrieve and monitor real time data whenever wherever they are within their fingertips

Technology does not automatically improve!
" People are mistaken when they think that technology just automatically improves, unfortunately it does not automatically improve.
It only improves if a lot of people work very hard to make it better!

Keep it up buddies, let’s make our world better hand in hand! "

by C. C. Seow

COVID-19 RND - Facial Recognition & Body Temp. Scanning Device

About us

Our founder C.C.Seow is an experienced technology entrepreneur, with more than 10 years managing a dynamic engineering company specializing in the management of Technology product Research & Development, engineering projects from inception to completion providing customer with total quality, cost effective and timely solutions. C.C.Seow strongly believe in advancing today’s fast paced landscapes by employing the latest available state of the art technologies with advance principals for their projects.

Leveraging on each other’s expertise and industry knowledge we are revolutionizing the Data Acquisition experience to the industries. Our IDAM (Industry Data Analytical Module) IOT MODULE & SYSTEM are design for interactiveness, integrated with state of the art technology, and connected for maximum indulgence.

We believe in providing our business partners with more opportunities to grow together and become successful. It is with this end in mind that we are proposing a borderless platform to expand our landscape. An Industry Data Acquisition platform that is not only designed to collecting data, but also with the customer’s experience in the forefront priority.

Our vision is to provide our users in different sectors with a widely deployed network of IDAM that are linked for the Frontend’s instruments, production process systems, operation systems with Backend system and most importantly a flawless front-end Data digitalization experience.


Retrofit with IDAM System. Simple installation just took around 15 minutes...

IDAM System

IDAM "Alert & Notification"

Hardware retrofitting

Telco Tower IOT upgrade

Electroplating process IOT Upgrade

Solar Energy System IOT Upgrade

Solar Energy System IOT Upgrade 2

Farming Vaccine Fridge IOT upgrade

Waste water treatment IOT monitoring

Waste water treatment IOT monitoring

Waste water treatment IOT monitoring


Popularise IoT adoption into industries, speeding up the journey towards Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4).

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